Know Your Protein

Proteins are one of the most essential macronutrients that our
the body needs every day along with fats and carbohydrates.
Various sources of proteins are available in the market in the form of
fruits, vegetables, meat, and industrially purified form of pure
proteins are popularly known as protein supplements or whey
Each of the mentioned sources has their own importance
depending upon the personal choices individual has. For a
vegetarian meat may not be a choice despite having high protein
content. For a vegan, the only choice that remains is natural fruits
and vegetables. Vegetarian can consume whey proteins which
available in the market but by a vegan, it may not be preferred
because it is the by-product of cheese processing industry.


Despite the meat is accepted as easy and rich source proteins
there are many natural options you can consume to meet your
protein demand. For a normal adult male, the normal daily
requirement of protein is 0.8 gm/kg. But the plant proteins digest
in a different way due to different amino acids present in them.
This difference in metabolism makes the plant protein to be
consumed is the slightly higher quantity that is 0.9 gm/kg of body
weight. As a result of the difference in calorie produced by vegan and
nonvegan source of protein it is generally observed that 10-12%
of calories in vegan and 14-18% of calories in nonvegetarians
are provided by the protein they consume daily in their preferred
forms for a vegan the available sources of proteins are Seitan,
tofu, tempeh edamame, lentils, Chickpeas, quinoa, spirulina,
hemp seeds, beans (black, kidney, mung, pinto) etc.



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Travelling will introduce you to your limits and fear, maybe on your travel, you get attracted to hiking or diving for the first time and end up enjoying it. You will develop the tolerance for unexpected things that fall in your way and learn to survive with limited available resources. Travelling will give you much more to talk about your experiences and encounters on your journey and will change you in a very positive way. The energy and positivity won’t be unnoticed by your buddies and it will elevate your confidence.

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Science of Fitness

With the present lifestyle that people have around all the major cities of the world, it is not only hard but challenging to keep up the good health. Every major age group has concerns for good health in their own age groups. The senior citizens want to stay healthy to maintain mobility and keep off the prescription drugs and frequent doctors visit and among the same group person suffering from the chronic illness like cardiac or diabetic disorder aims to maintain advised weight and reduce the dependence on
prescription drugs as much as possible. On the other hand, the ones in their 40’s focus to stay as healthy as they are or use to be in their recent past and the youngster on the other side has made the regular workouts not only a necessity of good health but the part of routine life. Either it is jogging in the park or working out periodically in the gym. Muscular physique is not only the males desire anymore the females numbers has significantly increased in recent past working hard to reduce lean mass and get muscular enough to not only look beautiful but stay fit and healthy.

Among the persons desiring a good and fit body the most of the people are the ones who need to reduce weight or burn some significant quantity of fats. But most of these people fail in the first two weeks of the beginning. Mostly the one who has no professional guide or very tight daily work hour.

To achieve a good and fit body it is very important to understand the science of metabolism that is used for food/energy to build up building block of life like carbohydrates lipids and proteins and Catabolism is
break down of large molecules to release energy in our body.

To ensure our daily physical work our body needs calories which depends upon body weight and type of physical activity we are daily involved in. these calories are obtained from carbohydrates, lipids and proteins we receive from daily diets. Among these three major groups of calorie source, the body utilizes carbohydrates primarily than lipids than the protein and finally muscle which is utilized during extreme starvation. Out of three, the fat provides the highest amount of calorie when utilized by the body. That is why excess lipid is stored in the body to meet energy requirement during starvation.

When the intake is of these energy sources is more than the daily requirement the body converts the excess to lipids with the help of liver and store it for meeting future needs. This excess fat will be stored by the body on visceral organs and increase the weight and lack of sleep particularly less than 7 hours a day release a hormone called Cortisol that adds up particularly to the belly fat.

Working out regularly along with good diet plans has proven more beneficial than simply focusing on the workout. Consuming high protein diets precisely 1.5gm/kg body weight will build up muscle and body will utilize stored body fats and available carbohydrates that reduce unwanted fats and builds up more muscle. Combating belly fat is the matter of time and dedication and adequate sleep and good motivation are important to achieve desired goals and avoid skipping workout routines. Well programmed diet schedules and variety of food that we consume in our daily diets impact our health and fitness significantly. The heavy and regular breakfast involving fruits, fibers, protein is very important to meet health and fitness goals